Digital internship – week 3

The third week of our internship is coming near its end and I find myself enjoying it more each day.

On Monday, we were trained on how to interview someone and get an oral history of historical artifacts and sites. Some of us will be using this when we interview members of various churches throughout the communities.

On Tuesday, I used photoshop in order to get the logo for the Boardmore Theatre from a previous poster to place it on a new poster. As well, I read up on various papers on stress reduction and how yoga versus physical exercise.

Wednesday, we had a snowstorm so I worked from home and learned how to use NodeXL from tutorials on YouTube. I will be trained officially on it next Monday which I look forward to.

 Thursday and Friday consisted of training on cameras and setting up lighting for interviews that took place on Friday and will continue next week. The interviews are for an advertisement/information of an upcoming course in September called the Sustainable Site Remediation.

The course will offer insights from how they cleaned up the tar ponds and various mining sites from around the island.


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