Digital Youth NS

On Tuesday, January 31, the Intern Networking and Information Event for digital interns from across Nova Scotia. 

The conference was held in order to provide training and Information to the digital interns and coordinators from across the province. As well, to provide an oppurtunity for the attendees to network with each other and meet their fellow grant recipients.

Various presenters and speakers attended to provide insights into the current state of social media for organizations and businesses. 

Another presentation took place in order to help raise awareness of the current state of the First Nations population in Canada. 

Overall, the event was quite a success with over 80 people in attendance and four presenters. 

6 thoughts on “Digital Youth NS

  1. “With over 80 people” does that mean 81, 130, or 200? Use even numbers like 50 or 100 as reference or, conversely, you could have actually taken the time to count each person in attendance if you cared at all, friend.


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