Digital Internship- day 4 (digital poetry)

Today we tried to figure out how to share and provide a medium in which poets can share and collaborate digitally.

Would it be best if someone uploaded a 5 second video of there verse in the poem then have someone upload the next verse as a response video. Eventually having them all decide when the poem is completed and edit them together or leave it as a playlist of the videos.

As well, I was thinking that we could have a livestream set up so people could interact and collaborate live on twitter or youtube and archive the comments made during the live stream as well as the video.

Digital internship- day 3

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Never thought I would be back here again.

But here we are at CBU.


Today we went around the CBU campus and took photos of various places on campus. We learned how to place photos onto WordPress and have them as a gallery. Sorry for the quality as they were taken on an iPad.